Wombat Bucket

Wombat Bucket – The Portable Paint Tray

Paint Faster, Easier, Safer with the Wombat Bucket – The Portable Paint Tray!

The Wombat Bucket is a lot more than a paint bucket. It’s a revolutionary new design to help you save time and effort safely. A Portable Paint Tray that allows you maximise the safety of your working environment and all aspects of your productivity.

Perfectly sized for today’s efficient, no-splatter mini-rollers, the Wombat Bucket is sturdy, stable, and convenient to use, even if you are on a ladder. With the Wombat bucket, painting is a lot faster, easier and less messy than when using an old-fashioned paint tray. And it lets you keep your paint scraper, touch-up brush, wiping cloth, painter’s putty and other tools right at hand!

The Shoulder Strap, included with the Bucket, leaves both of your hands free. That makes work so much faster and easier. And it makes climbing a ladder much safer. (In fact, having both hands free is required by the UK Health and Safety Executive.)

Magnets in a paint bucket? Yes, the Wombat Bucket has two powerful rare-earth magnets, one on each side of the bucket. One magnet holds your touch-up paint brush right where you can reach it, but out of the way until you do. The other keeps your paint scraper where it belongs. Use the Medallion Loop to hold a roll of masking tape.

Notice the cut-outs on the front of the Wombat Bucket? The middle one, which looks a little like a wombat’s nose, can hold a wiping cloth to pick up a paint drip or clean away dust. The other two openings are for painter’s putty.

With the Wombat Bucket, all your tools and supplies are close by. No more walking across a room or climbing up and down a ladder, because with this Portable Paint Tray you can save time and energy by having the tools that matter close at hand. Every time you need a screwdriver, wiping cloth, dab of putty, scraper, pencil, masking tape, your tools of the trade will be right by you. That’s how the Wombat Bucket makes painting fast … easy … convenient and safer!

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